We aim for tomorrow.

Today, more than ever, we need better and quicker ways to improve fruits.

At Meristem we are developing fruit crops for a sustainable future: to withstand climate change, to provide better nutrition and to reduce waste. Meet our technology.


We have developed the techniques and tools to make that future happen. State-of-the-art sequencing techniques, robotics and automation platforms along with artificial intelligence will pave the way to develop next-generation fruit cultivars.

Our platform for developing new fruit plants consists on novel methods to develop molecular machinery for making precise changes in the plant's genome.

We use these tools in plants through in vitro culture systems and molecular techniques to regenerate and grow new plant varieties from species such as cherry, strawberry, citrus and other fruit plants, in order to create more sustainable fruit crops.

We read and understand what makes life tick; we use sequencing and bioinformatic methods to elucidate how genes and traits are connected.

By integrating these technologies we have established an intellectual property portfolio for precision breeding of modern fruit cultivars with improved sustainability.

About us

We are a group of scientists and engineers driven by a passion to find solutions that have a positive impact in society.

The application of engineering principles in biology can help deepen our understanding of plants to enable developing better fruits with enhanced traits for production, consumption and with diminished environmental impact.

Thus, we have decided to pursue novel ways of applying engineering perspectives to develop new plants with improved traits, along with pioneers of the fruit production and export industry.


Bernardo Pollak, PhD.
Co-founder & CEO

Hernan Garces

Hernán Garces
Co-founder & Investor

Juan Pablo Zoffoli

Juan Pablo Zoffoli, PhD.
Co-founder & Advisor

Hernán Garces

Pablo Valenzuela, PhD.
Co-founder & Advisor

Ignacia Fuentes

Ignacia Fuentes, PhD.
In vitro culture lead

Jose Montañola

Jose Montañola, PhD.
Protoplasts lead

Diego Lagos

Diego Lagos, PhD.
Molecular biology lead

Tomás Norambuena

Tomás Norambuena, PhD.
Bioinformatics and IP lead

Julia Rubio.

Julia Rubio, PhD.
Transformation lead

Katerina Ferrat

Katerina Ferrat,
Lab manager

Natalia Avilés

Cesar Valenzuela, MSc.
Protoplasts & transf.

Carlos Nuñez

Carlos Nuñez, MSc.
Protoplasts & mol. bio.

Karina Olivos

Karina Olivos, MSc
Molecular biology

Javiera Soto-Aguilar, MSc.

Javiera Soto-Aguilar, MSc.
Molecular biology

Yhoanna Ramirez

Manuel Acuña,
Plant physiology

Valeria Borjas

Valeria Borjas,
In vitro culture

Gabriela Aguilar

Gabriela Aguilar, MSc
In vitro culture

Ángelo Vergara

Ángelo Vergara,
Lab technician

Yhoanna Ramirez

Yhoanna Ramirez,
In vitro technician

Victoria Cepeda

Victoria Cepeda, PhD.
Senior bioinformatician

Sandro Valenzuela

Sandro Valenzuela, MSc
Bioinformatics & soft. dev.

Cristian Yañez

Cristian Yañez, MSc.
Bioinformatics & soft. dev.


We are always on the lookout for talented scientists to join our team, if you want to join, please write to us and attach your CV with a letter of intent.

We are also open to collaborate with companies interested on partnering to work on other species to develop cultivars with new traits.

If you are neither of these, no worries, we can help you find out what you are looking for.